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All humans incarnate to experience life in a physical body. Earth is the place where we learn our lessons in the form of situations, life events and particular people. It is the way in which we deal with our life circumstances that determines whether or not we pass those tests.

The aim of everyone who incarnates on Earth is enlightenment or ascension - which is the total mastery of all the lessons offered. This may take many lifetimes to achieve our goal of ascension. Often our soul will want us to return to Earth to meet the same people and experience similar situations in order to re-live the challenge or to complete unresolved issues.

Joanne Walmsley
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Spiritual Law of ONE

The Universal Spiritual Law of One is about accepting everyone and everything as they are, without judgment.  This includes the Self.

On Earth we experience dark and light.  This is the duality which comes from the free-will which we experience on Earth.  Beyond the fifth dimension there is only Light. Wherever we are, all is perfect.  Duality is merely a learning experience to expand our Light. 

When we live the Spiritual Law of One we create bridges by looking for the commonality in each other. Just as you were invited to be here for this learning on Earth, so are animals, insects, trees and plants.  All are learning and evolving.  You are entitled to your ‘space’ just as an animal is entitled to his territory. (If your kitchen is overrun with ants, first talk to the Higher Self or the oversoul of the ants, and remind them that this is your territory.  You ask them to move to a log in the garden or some safe place outside.  If they ignore two warnings, tell them that you will have to return them to the Light if they do not honour your space.  If they are outside your home, then you do not have the right to kill them.)

Honour trees and plants by telling them with a thought that you are about to prune them.  Act with harmlessness  -  always.

When you understand the Law of One, you accept your own Divinity.  You start listening to your intuition and become a co-creator in your own life.

Sacred Scribes

The Spiritual Law of GRACE

Grace is a Divine dispensation of mercy.  It dissolves karma, creates miracles and can change matter.

Our soul has accepted the opportunity to incarnate on this planet to learn about and experience emotions and a physical body.  We also have free-will in order to create our own life in a place where every thought, word and deed manifests.We can invoke the Universal Spiritual Law of Grace to transmute our debts, change emotional feelings, heal relationships and the physical body  -  however, we must be ready to receive it.  We created all of our situations with our consciousness and we must learn the lesson/s before we ask for grace.We can offer grace to others through our compassion, mercy, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love.  Whenever we open our hearts to another we too receive an inflow of Divine love. Compassion, empathy, mercy, unconditional love and forgiveness are Divine qualities which confer grace. Every time you open your heart with compassion, the love emanating from you grants someone else grace.  A change of attitude may take place or the release of a deeply held fear or even a physical healing. The more grace we offer, the more in turn we receive.

Forgiveness is another Divine quality which dissolves and transmutes negative blocks.  It results in emotional, attitudinal and physical healing taking place for both the giver and the receiver. Grace allows healing to occur because the high-frequency vibrations of love transmute the lower vibrations of pain and fear.

We create karma with our attitudes.  All ill-feeling and disputes are the karmic consequences of egotistical attitudes. When you are ready to be understanding and compassionate or are ready to forgive, the angels lead you to someone or a situation that can help you release your karma.

Angels work with grace, constantly whispering to us to think, do or say that which will dissolve our negative karma.  They try to help us forgive our sins and dissolve a backlog of karmic debt.

The more you open your heart to welcome strangers, to let go of anger, to care for the sick and senile, the hungry and homeless, the more grace pours into the planet.  Every time you pray for another or help someone with love, the planet becomes more filled with Divine light.

The Universal Spiritual Law of Grace is the Divine mercy that sets people free.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes



The Spiritual Law of FAITH

Faith is a quality of such high frequency that it transcends the lower laws and makes the impossible possible.  Faith allows miracles to take place.

The Universal Spiritual Law of Faith is simple.  If you have total faith in an outcome, it will come about.  To the extent that you doubt, you allow absolute, implicit, total trust in the Divine, you know that whatever is for the greatest good will happen.  Faith takes away fear.

Faith means constantly listening to your inner-guidance and intuition.

‘Blind faith’ implies giving away your trust without a foundation for it.  Blind faith is merely hope.     

Confidence is faith in Self.  If you have a foundation of self-esteem and worth, you will be a relaxed and easy person to be with.  No one can undermine you for you will trust your own ability, and others will intuitively trust you.

Faith is the foundation for success, manifestation, prayer and decrees.  When you have faith in a vision it must succeed.

Faith is the greatest power there is.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

The Spiritual Law of DECREE

When you initial the Law of Decree the might of the Universe is aligned behind it.

Affirmations and prayers are repeated.  Decrees are made only once.

Examples of Decrees:

‘By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under Grace, I invoke the Violet Flame to transmute now every negative thought, belief, patter, condition, attachment or alliance that I have made.  It is done.’

‘In the name of God and all that is light, under Grace, I decree that all vows made in past lives or this one, which do not serve the divine plan on Earth, be rescinded and released.  So be it.’

‘By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under Grace, I now call forth a pure white column of white light to bring unconditional love of the Christ consciousness to Earth.  It is done.’

A Decree is akin to making a demand of the Universe.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

The Spiritual Law of BLESSINGS

When you bless someone you are invoking the Universal Spiritual Law of Blessings and directing divine energy towards them.  When this is done with genuine intent, a shaft of Divine White Light is transferred into the person you are blessing. Raising your hand in the direction of the person you wish to bless directs the blessing towards them.

Blessing ushers in positive energy. When you say “bless you” to someone when they sneeze you are wishing for divine energy to enter them so that they become healthy.

Bless your work and it will increase and be filled with joy.

Bless people around you and they will be happy and fulfilled.

Bless your plants and they will grow abundantly. 

Bless your home and it will be a place of peace. 

Bless your body and it will become a beautiful temple for your spirit.

You can request blessings for others as well as yourself.  Bless everyone and fill them with Divine energy and you yourself will be open to the blessings of the Universe.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

The Spiritual Law of GRATITUDE

Gratitude means giving thanks from your heart.  When you do this, energy flows from your heart and activates certain responses from other people, as well as the Universe.  

When you are totally grateful to a person for something they have done, that person feels the energy of thanks and is so over-joyed by it that they want to give you more. When you send out heartfelt thanks to the Universe for the blessings you have received, the Divine energy lovingly responds by giving you even more blessings.

Heartfelt gratitude is a key to abundance … it unlocks the great resources of the Universe.       

Judgement and criticism are the opposite (or polar) of gratitude and appreciation.  Genuine gratitude and appreciation heals. When you appreciate something and are grateful for it, you are focusing on it, so by the Spiritual Law of Attention, it increases and multiplies.   

When we realize that we are sent challenges because they help us to grow, we alter our attitude towards them.

Within every challenging situation is the gift of a lesson.  Our task is to learn the lesson and appreciate what it has taught us.

If you want your life to become happier, healthier and more abundant keep a ‘gratitude journal’.  Every day write down a few things you are thankful for.  You will find yourself looking for good things to record in it and you will automatically become more positive and appreciative.

Attitudes which activate the Law of Gratitude:

•                 be positive and appreciative
•                 count your blessings
•                 Be joyful.  When you glow with happiness you are appreciating what you have
•                 remember the good things about a person, and people in general
•                 focus on the good in every situation
•                 give praise generously
•                 use the words ‘thank you’ genuinely
•                 be loving and kind
•                 recognize your own magnificence
•                 celebrate life and be happy

Gratitude brings to you untold blessings from the Universe.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes