Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Spiritual Law of ONE

The Universal Spiritual Law of One is about accepting everyone and everything as they are, without judgment.  This includes the Self.

On Earth we experience dark and light.  This is the duality which comes from the free-will which we experience on Earth.  Beyond the fifth dimension there is only Light. Wherever we are, all is perfect.  Duality is merely a learning experience to expand our Light. 

When we live the Spiritual Law of One we create bridges by looking for the commonality in each other. Just as you were invited to be here for this learning on Earth, so are animals, insects, trees and plants.  All are learning and evolving.  You are entitled to your ‘space’ just as an animal is entitled to his territory. (If your kitchen is overrun with ants, first talk to the Higher Self or the oversoul of the ants, and remind them that this is your territory.  You ask them to move to a log in the garden or some safe place outside.  If they ignore two warnings, tell them that you will have to return them to the Light if they do not honour your space.  If they are outside your home, then you do not have the right to kill them.)

Honour trees and plants by telling them with a thought that you are about to prune them.  Act with harmlessness  -  always.

When you understand the Law of One, you accept your own Divinity.  You start listening to your intuition and become a co-creator in your own life.

Sacred Scribes


  1. Thank you. This is the way to be a true human being on Earth.

  2. I thank you greatly for allowing and enabling me to be blessed by and with such vast knowledge. It only shows the Word is true: When the Student is ready the Teacher will appear. Thank you SELF in that your a part of Me. I'm greatly joked tonight and I can't say thank you enough.

  3. To be spiritual is to be full of love — Bell of Peace - Gede Prama

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  5. Thank you for a life changing lesson.

  6. Does spirituality really follows laws? or is it beyond any laws?

  7. When speaking to the higher soul, I assume you mean thru meditation. Can you elaborate as far as how to connect? I would love to read more about this! thada@niu.edu

    1. Calling Angels Into Action

      Connect with Angels

      Writing to the Angels

      Preparing to Meditate

      Raise Your Vibrational Rate

  8. Thanks Gorgeous been following you for years! You are my go to lady when I have mysterious things happening with numbers. And I have told many about you over the years. Very grateful for you and all your knowledge. I too am a angel channler and I understand more and more everyday! Namaste

  9. Thank you Joanne. I love your numerology and find it most honest. I channel Chi, Ki or Divine Energy in the form of Distance Reiki Energy Healing. Www.Facebook.com/reikipip

  10. Sohum means to be one with the universe , I hope you can find comfort in the word. I let numbers guide me and they guided me to you.

  11. Thank u. ur website has been such a saving grace to me Sincerely thru out my awakening. Thank you

  12. Thanks bro that was very informational.