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All humans incarnate to experience life in a physical body.  Earth is the place where we learn our lessons in the form of situations, life events and particular people.  It is the way in which we deal with our life circumstances that determines whether or not we pass those tests.

The aim of everyone who incarnates on Earth is enlightenment or ascension  -  which is the total mastery of all the lessons offered. This may take many lifetimes to achieve our goal of ascension.  Often our soul will want us to return to Earth to meet the same people and experience similar situations in order to re-live the challenge or to complete unresolved issues.

Universal Laws are rules or patterns that can be applied to everything in the Universe. It is useful and important to know these laws simply because of the universality of their application.

The Universal Spiritual Laws are split into four categories, the first being ‘The Basic Laws of Life’
This set of laws consist of:  The Law of Attraction, The Law of Request, The Law of Resistance, The Law of Reflection, The Law of Projection, The Law of Attachment.

The second set of Universal Spiritual Laws are ‘The Laws of Creation’
These consist of:  The Law of Attention, The Law of Flow, The Law of Abundance, The Law of Clarity, The Law of Intention, The Law of Prosperity, The Law of Manifestation and The Law of Success.

The third set of Spiritual Laws are called the ‘Laws of Higher Awareness’
These laws are:  The Law of Balance and Polarity, The Law of Karma, The Law of Reincarnation, The Law of Responsibility, The Law of Discrimination, The Law of Affirmation, The Law of Prayer, The Law of Meditation, The Law of Challenge.

The fourth and final set of Universal Spiritual Laws are the ‘Laws of Higher Frequency’.  These laws consist of:  The Law of Frequency or Vibration, The Law of Miracles, The Law of Healing, The Law of Purification, The Law of Perspective, The Law of Gratitude, The Law of Blessings, The Law of Decree, The Law of Faith, The Law of Grace and The Law of One.

* All of the links to the individual Universal Spiritual Laws are highlighted/bold within the text above, and can also be found on the INDEX page of this site.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. I need help
    I need her

  2. very powerful information! Thanks a lot! grace upon you!

  3. Love the clarity, thanks for sharing...

  4. Accept my gratitude with pure love. Thanks a lot for what you have done for us & for the community of light workers. ❤️🕉✝️☪️🔯☯️⚛️🅾️

  5. Thank you very much for sharing with the community of lightworkers who are on their journey. Many joyous wishes of blessings to you. Gratitude for your work 🙏

  6. Thank you for your insight and clarity. I intend to explore deeper each law. Fascinating.

  7. I like how the last spiritual law I clicked on brought me back here like magic lol this was so needed thank you so much ❤️

  8. Thank you!! I wish I would have read this decades ago. Been able to love more, then.

  9. I have been looking for just this list, but didnt even know what i was looking FOR, per se. Every book i have read regarding the subject of spiritual laws has left a lot out. I knew there was a LOT more to it all - else, why would I find books with titles such as "The other 7 keys", and "The other 11 laws". How were the numbers SO DIFFERENT? (Oh, and fair warning - if a book ever claims to be THE ONLY book you need on any subject... run far, far away from it.) I wanted, and needed the truth.
    I needed to feel that certain sensation inside me that screams, YOU FOUND IT!
    I've been undergoing an awakening for over 2 years now, and unfortunately, I allowed a lot of THINGS to DISTRACT me. I held onto a marriage way too long, because pride was blocking forward progress. Ever since, my spiritual growth has bounded forwards, often pulling the rest of me behind like a child hanging onto a too-large balloon on a windy day. I've learn to let go - not of the balloon, but of my fears and expectations, and allow the Universe to blow my baloon where I need to go.
    That led me here, eventually.
    I read your page on Divine Purpose, and for once - I UNDERSTOOD.
    That led me to meditate... and instead of coming up with multiple answers, I ended up with ONE. I know why I am here - finally, at 45 years of age, but tbh - I NEVER could have done my purpose before now, nor even FOUND it. It took all of my experiences, thus far, and new information, and a sincere desire to make a difference - the latter I have had as far back as I remember. Its all rolled up into a ball. Every time I think about doing this work, I get giddy; excited. Through synchronicity with the Angel #s, I have come to realize that right now is the time to plan, to prepare... to get my body, mind, soul into readiness - to lay the groundwork, to network, to find where I am desperately needed to do this work.
    ALL[y] is gently helping, as they always do. (I named my personal view of the Universal Diety ALL[y]. It came from - Universeally. Yeah, I had mispelled it, leaving the E. I looked closer... Universe-Ally. Universe-ALL. Universe-ALL[y]. ALL[y] of the Universe.
    I like it. I finally have a name that has significance to me, personally, and is no longer some amorphous being "out there somewhere." ALL[y] is in me, in my soul and my heart, and yours, too...

    Oops... there I go... i talk a lot. Lol.
    I really just wanted to say thank you - not for just this info, but everything you have done and created - for helping all of us to find our way.

  10. Mrs. Walmsley you are blessed and highly favored. I appreciate the information and it has been a saving grace for me. I honor you with a heartfelt thanks and pray the Universal Creator continues to keep you in good health, wealth and abundance.

  11. Joanne, I am sincerely grateful for the careful love and attention you put into creating this reference. Seeing what we know to be universal truths laid out before us is such a wonderful gift to receive as we truly see the world around us. Thank you again for the guidance, and God bless!!