Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Spiritual Law of REFLECTION

The mirror of the Universe is so honest and accurate that your deepest secrets show up in the reflections you see of yourself.  Every single person and situation in your life is a mirror of an aspect of yourself, good or bad, positive or negative.  When the Universe presents us with someone or something in life, this is a mirror.  The Spiritual Law of Reflection reminds us to look in the mirror and change ourselves.
The more a characteristic in someone else bothers you, the more your soul is trying to draw a reflection to your attention.

If the Universe really wants to draw your attention to something, it will give you three (3) mirrors to look into at once.
Water reflects what is happening to your emotions or spirituality.  If your emotions are ‘leaking’, then this is telling you that you have unshed tears or unresolved emotional issues and this will manifest itself in leaking or dripping taps and the like. Rivers, lakes and oceans carry the emotional and spiritual life-force of an area.  Water also symbolically washes and purifies.
Fire is hot and bright.  A fire in the hearth or campfire may indicate a peaceful, comfortable, warm centre.  A rampaging bushfire reflects the anger and hostility of all those affected by it.  Fire is also a transmuter of negative energy.

Earth is solid, but can change form.  If you get stuck in the mud it has something to tell you about where you are at in your life.  An earthquake tells you that the foundations of your life are not as secure as you may have thought.  From Earth there is new growth.

Air is energy.  Air represents communication and new ideas.  A hurricane or strong winds blow away outmoded thinking from an area, and heralding the new.

Your car also represents aspects of you.  If your brakes fail it may be a warning for you to stop something you are doing.

The lights don’t work  -  can you see where you are going in life?

The paintwork is scratched and battered  -  are you feeling dented or battered?
Flat tyres  -  are you feeling deflated or is someone letting you down?  Are you letting yourself down?
The horn doesn’t work  -  maybe it is time that you speak up for yourself.
Flat battery  -  are you feeling flat;  have you run out of energy?
Gears  -  gears facilitate the movement from one speed to another.  If your gears are grating this could be indicating that you may have trouble making a move in your life.
Animals reflect the qualities and characteristics of their owners.  A well-disciplined, good natured, friendly dog reflects an owner you can trust and feel comfortable with.  A wild, savage or noisy dog will warn you to be careful of its owner, even if your impression is of a gentle person.

Whatever comes into your life, look into the mirror and see what it has to teach you.  Once we understand the Law of Reflection we can expand our spiritual growth by looking at what life is telling us.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. What do you mean by three mirrors?

    1. I think the Universe is showing me 3 guys who want me, so it is saying something about myself!!!??? One likes me, one loves me, and one needs me...

    2. I think it means you will get three signs in life based on whats going on around you and examples were given.

  2. Wowszers Ms. Walmsley. It took me several times to get this message but I see now that I need to put every last single thing that is occurring around me into perspective. Thank you for sharing-- God Bless Ms Walmsley

  3. the saying goes "nothing happens to you, ( goodbye victim consciousness) everything happens for you ( for our benefit)

  4. I feel like everything that is written in this website resonetes with me. It just makes good sense and all starts to come togather.
    Only thing I didn't get was the part about what the water, fire, earth and air.

    When you talk about water, what do you mean by "leaking"?
    How do those elements manifests in daily life?

    And also to tell you, you are amazing and thank you so much for this information! I love your site and feel a lot more secure and guided propertly ever since I started following you! Thank you🙏🏽🧚‍♀️🌀

  5. i came from tiktok someone said my angel number 2237 becouse that was the time then also im brandnew at the posability of me being a starseed empath healer i new i had somthing around me since i was a little boy i now know im being protected by beings of light becouse somthing verry dark is lached on 2 my little sister its tryen 2 take my light but it underestimated me i am verry greatfull and thankfull for my guardion angels thank you all i love you angels thank god for letting my angels know i needed them

  6. also my name is tommy mcallister from aberdeen scotland my rap name is lyrical mirical i went viril with a freestyle and the sun news paper dubbed me
    scotlands lyrical mirical thank you and blessings 2 mis walmsley

  7. I can somewhat agree with the car analogy but the weather and geographically occurring events... so California and Florida are really just plagued with hostility, weak foundations, and outdated thinking? That sure stinks.