Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Spiritual Law of KARMA

The energy of thoughtfulness, kindness and graciousness are considered to be ‘good karma’.  When you send these energies out, they will be returned to you in kind.

Hate, anger and resentment are damaging energies.  When you send out these negative energies, they too will return to you in some form.

The Universal Spiritual Law of Karma is ‘as you give so you shall receive’, or ‘you reap what you sow’.  Bad deeds and thoughts return to you, as do kind, thoughtful deeds.  To the exact extent that you live these qualities, you will receive an equivalent back into your life, at some time.  Karma is recorded and balanced.  Loving thoughts, emotions, deeds and words are ‘credits’.  Negative ones are ‘debits’.  The Universe calls these up when we least expect it.   

Your family is also your karma.  Your soul chooses your family before you are born.  Difficult family ties may be a consequence of unresolved feelings or situations in a past life.  You choose that family this time around because your soul wanted another chance to resolve the problems.  This offers you the lessons your soul needs to learn.

By loving and empowering others we heal karmic relationships.    

Mindsets that you bring into this life with you are also your karma.  If you have a mindset that you are not good enough, the belief will inevitably draw into your life things and people that make you feel inferior or weak.        
Positive beliefs create good karma in your life.  Wonderful things then happen.  You are responsible for your own mindset, so change your beliefs if they do not serve you in a positive manner.

Your health is your karma.  Before you incarnated you chose your family, your life challenges and your mission.  You also chose your body and your genetic predisposition. Your moment by moment choices of thoughts and emotions will affect your vitality and health.  This is your karma.

The balance sheet of your karma is known as your *Akashic Records, which is a recorded history of all of your lives and life experiences and lessons.  Karma is carried forward from lifetime to lifetime.  We may not experience the consequences of our actions until a subsequent lifetime.  Because of this there is often no obvious and visible correlation between an action and its consequence/s.

The higher our vibration, the more quickly karma returns to us.  Some are subjected to ‘instant karma’.  If you feel that you never get away with anything, you may be experiencing instant karma.  This means that whatever you give out comes back to you, instantly.  It is a sign that you are becoming more evolved because your karmic balance sheet is being kept up to date.  Your soul is no longer allowing you to accumulate debt.

The key to the Law of Karma is ‘you reap what you sow.’

*Akashic Records -
The majority of the world’s cultures, faiths and philosophers generally agree that the Akashic Records exist. The Hindus believe in a universal substance call ‘akasha’ – from which the natural elements of water, fire, earth and air were created. 

The Akashic Records are perceived to be the collective memories and histories of every thought, physical and emotional vibration, sound, major event, minor incident and all movement in eternity.  The Akashic Records are the entire history of everything that ever has been, and everything that ever will be.  They could be looked upon as a ‘memory bank’ containing details about everything that happens in the Universe, and information about every spirit and the many lives they have lived.

KARMA – What is it and How does it Work?

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes



  1. I find this part especially interesting "Your health is your karma". I also believe that a better Karmic state equates to improved physical health with a lesser chance of catching an illness. If you do not believe me, then I encourage you to try it for yourself and work to improve your Karmic state; you won't regret it :D.

    1. Yes, true. But also, cleansing negative karma can give you short term health problems, as the negativity gets cleansed out of the body.

      I apologised to my twin flame for lashing out and being quote on quote 'a bitch', i immediately cried for 2 hours and after that I got a stomach flu that kept me up at night. I litterally opened the floodgate to let all that resentment out of the door. I lost my dark circles from stress and pale disposition i had for a few months after that day.

      Bad karma creates stress, emotional blockages and cut off connections. In turn, they create health problems that you become acustomed to. But they will go away, one by one, as you clear your karmic issues, one by one.

  2. This article is introductory with broad general information. We need to start somewhere I guess. Please bare in mind however that because it is general it is somewhat deciptive, and therefore not the whole truth.

  3. if someone (husband ) of 21 years... you committed your whole life to him and his family. He made you distant from your family... then has a 2.5 year love affair ... I finally gave up after a big battle to overcome his lies and constant deceipt. Me and my son endured his following suicide shananigans after he split up with his lover. I had accepted alot. He then comes back asking to come ... back... after 2.5 years. I refused. Please do not tell me I am doing a bad thing. I feel a sense of freedom and chose to be alone than unhappy. For me and my sons sake. He sees his dad. Never an issue. But my son has alot of loss of respect. He lived it with me. I take responsibility I did not give him the key to go from day one. But .... better late than never. I love my son too much not to listen to him. I did . 2012 to 2014... then 2015-now. asking to come back. I cannot. Please tell me Karma will not hit me in a bad way for my decisions.

    Thank you. Opinions please and advice... I so need some

    1. Hello Unknown,

      I very much appreciate you sharing your personal experience and legitimate fears on this subject. I can assure you from what you have described here that you are not going to be punished with bad karma for leaving your husband. Karma is not in place in order to punish you or reward you. Karma is a way for your soul to experience as many perspectives as possible. Your soul may have never experienced betrayal before and your husband's soul may have never experienced infidelity before. So your souls met with your respective guides between your last lives and this one and decided this would be a good assignment to develop each of your souls' perspectives. The best thing you can do is ask God or your higher power what to do next. Don't worry about years down the road, don't worry about what has already happened, and don't worry too much about what's best for your son at this point. Focus on what feels good to you alone right now. If getting back together does not feel good then don't. No is a complete sentence.

      Here are some resources that may help you better during this time:
      -Why Do People Cheat - Teal Swan YouTube video
      -Journey of Souls - Book by Michael Newton

      May you experience relief and enlightenment on your journey.

    2. it was his karma, later he realised
      he too might suffered may be more then you.
      karma is too forgive, whatever happens around us us due to our own karmic layers.
      you must forgive everything, start up with positivity.

  4. Many many thanks! Muito muito agradecido!

  5. very good. I loved to learn more about it.
    Thank you

  6. This information is very insightful.I have learned something new.Thankyou all as well who commented.Its always good to hear others point of view.Thankyou again ✨

  7. This was perfect! I'm glad this blog is still up and running after all this time. Would love to see more additions, or any new authors contribute. :D

  8. Thanks for you kindness I love the literature thanks made me see things that I didn't see before and made me direct my thoughts on a different path