Monday, September 20, 2010


When you bless someone you are invoking the Law of Blessings and directing divine energy towards them.  When this is done with genuine intent, a shaft of Divine White Light is transferred into the person you are blessing. Raising your hand in the direction of the person you wish to bless directs the blessing towards them.

Blessing ushers in positive energy. When you say “bless you” to someone when they sneeze you are wishing for divine energy to enter them so that they become healthy.
Bless your work and it will increase.

Be filled with joy.

Bless people around you and they will be happy and fulfilled.

Bless your plants and they will grow abundantly.

Bless your home and it will be a place of peace.

Bless your body and it will become a beautiful temple for your spirit.

You can request blessings for others as well as yourself.  Bless everyone and fill them with divine energy and you yourself will be open to the blessings of the Universe.

*Joanne WalmsleySacred Scribes


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  1. angel consciousness I have discovered is to live a life of blessings , the more blessings I give in thoughts words and actions , the more blessings I receive in return , of course from a place of unconditional love one gets the best return on their investment , LOL