Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Spiritual Law of PRAYER

‘Prayer’ is communicating with God (Higher Source, Universal Energy, however or whatever you wish to refer to it …)  Every word and every thought is actually a prayer. 
Worry is a negative prayer.  It is telling the Universe how frightened you may be feeling.  It also reinforces your ‘fear’ vibration and may bring about exactly what you fear.
We must direct our thoughts in a positive and focused manner.

The Law of Prayer is asking and believing.  Faith is an active ingredient in bringing your prayers about.  The moment you have offered your prayer, start thanking the Universe for it.  Then prepare to receive what you have asked for.  Your faith will precipitate the arrival of your wish.
Often people pray without really expecting the prayer to be granted, so they take no action.  What they do not realize is that faith activates a response from the Universe.  Many people pray for something, but are then not prepared to receive what they asked for.
When you offer a prayer, keep holding the vision of perfection.  If you pray for peace, picture and feel peace coming about.  If you pray for healing for someone, visualize that person healthy and strong.  Always pray for the highest good for all to happen.  Prayer is simple, sincere, authentic and from the heart.
To activate the Law of Prayer:

·                 Ask
·                 Detach from the result
·                 Thank the Universe for responding
·                 Hold your faith
·                 Prepare for it to be granted

If you wish to draw something to yourself, you must ask in the right way and the divine current will bring it to you.  You must be sure that you are really ready for it.
Asking is prayer.  When you pray for something and really believe that it will be granted, your energy links to the divine current and the Universe sends a response. The faith you have is what aligns your request to the Universal current.
To ‘ask’ is to centre yourself in the radiant light and project your clear divine thought into the mind of the Source/Universe.  When your thought-vibrations align with the cosmic thought  -  that is asking. The divine current must answer and pull you into itself so that the situation moves and transforms.  To ask in such a way is always to receive a response from the Universe.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes




  1. When we plan or set goals, most of us are attached to the results. We wait anxiously for things to manifest. A regular practice of meditation keeps us in a state of active detachment. We put in all our efforts to manifest a goal without being attached to the result.

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  2. My mother prays constantly. Her prayers aren't ever answered. She has told me, she prays for my health, her health, my children's health and for us to move to a new home because this one is bad on our health and we have lived here for 16 Years. I'm practically watching my mother fall apart.

    1. It is time for you to step in. There is a blockage for your Mother and I believe it is linked to a strong belief in an old in moving faith.
      Meditate and pray for those results in a practice that honors the spiritual laws.
      Visualize your family healthy.
      Visualize your family celebrating in a new home.
      If the block is due to a lesson someone needs to learn from the situation pray that it is revealed, recognized, and resolved so you can move on.

  3. Do not conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind Romans:12-2