Monday, September 20, 2010


Time is not linear. Your mental state changes your perception of time. If you are unhappy or bored, time slows down. If you are afraid, time seems to stand still. When you feel happy, excited and interested, time seems to speed by. The lower our frequency, the slower our perception of time. People engaged in high-vibration activities find that time passes quickly.
Time can be transcended. People with certain psychic abilities are able to tune into past lives or into the future. Different mediums will tune into different times. In dreams we often move into a different time reality.
Size also depends on perception. When we are children everything seems much larger than they do when we are adults. A problem which seems enormous and insurmountable in the middle of the night often seems quite manageable in the light of the morning. The challenge is the same but your perspective has changed.
The person with psychic vision who sees fairies, elves and other spirit creatures perceives a more expanded version of the Universe than does someone whose third eye is closed.
Someone who is haunted by negative entities will have a very different understanding from the person who is in touch with angels, spirit guides and light beings.
Each person handles their challenges differently according to their level of consciousness. All depends upon your perspective. There is no judgement - there is only awareness that everyone has a different reality. If you judge something or someone, it is time to reframe your perspective.
Humanity as a whole judges suicide. They condemn it as ‘wicked’ or ‘weak’. On the ‘Christ path’ it is perceived as someone longing for more love, or responding to the call to go ‘Home’. Torture can be perceived as ‘evil’, or as a desire to learn compassion. Sex can be seen as ‘immoral’, or as a longing to express love. War is ‘terrible’, or an opportunity to find courage and strength. The ‘horrible’ person can be seen as a ‘threat’, or as someone who is teaching you lessons. Someone who is ‘pushing your buttons’ is serving you by bringing unresolved feelings to your attention. He/she reminds you about your own doubts. The person who pushes the buttons of millions (eg. Hitler) serves to offer lessons to all those who are affected.
Every person has a human aspect which merely masks their Divine perfection. We will continue to struggle until we see the Divine flame in all things, people included.

*Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


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