Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Spiritual Law of REQUEST

Under Spiritual Law, if you want help you must ask for it.
The Law of Request teaches us to ask when our souls are ready, with clarity and intention. It is our personal responsibility to ask for the things we need in our lives.
With the Law of Request, we are NOT to impose ourselves upon others. If you push yourself upon someone who hasn’t asked for your help you help you prevent them from sorting out their own situation for themselves, hindering their own learning process. Also, when you force your help or advice on to someone, you bear the karma if it goes wrong.
It is considered bad manners to rush in uninvited and most likely your help will be ignored or unappreciated. Of course, if someone is drowning you help! You guide the blind and comfort the sick and bereaved. However, if you feel upset by the mess someone has got themselves into, it is your stuff. It is an indication that you need to look at yourself rather than rescue someone else.
If you are involved in a difficult situation at work or in your career, the experience and learning you gain from dealing with the problem and overcoming it may be the perfect stepping stone you need to move you on in your career. It teaches you new skills and prepares you for promotion. You wouldn’t appreciate it if someone leaped in and took over without asking permission as that would be interfering and it would block you from being ready for a better job.
In the spiritual realms, no angel, Spirit Guide or Higher Being is able to interfere with your life choices. Instead, they will stand by with patience and compassion and watch you making a mess of your situation if that is what you need for your spiritual growth. They will though, save you from serious accident if that is not your karma or designated life experience, and even death if it is not your time or right Exit Point. Not only is it spiritual bad manners for them to interfere but it also stops you from learning your life lessons from the experience.
There are times when it is appropriate to ask for help from your Spirit Guides and angels. As soon as you are ready to ask for help, you are ready to receive it. You are ready to accept the wisdom that goes with it. Then the higher powers will align themselves to help you.’ The answer most often lies in the question and the more clarity you have in your question, the fuller the help you will receive.
Some people are constantly crying out, ‘When, what, how, why?’ They want to know the answer to one question after another. But these are demands rather than questions. They come from a place of desperation and neediness, rather than a centered open place. The person who is steadfastly walking the spiritual path goes within to find answers. As soon as you are ready to know something, the ‘teacher’ will appear to provide it. This may be in the form of a book, a person, a television program or a magazine article.
‘The Universe is waiting to help you .... all you have to do is ask.’

Joanne WalmsleySacred Scribes


  1. Thank you....SO much Joanne for posting these Spiritual Laws. Some of these I knew already but not all and I knew there were more out there. I've been asking and pleading to find them for a couple years now slowly and surely each one slowly making it's way to me. I've received 1 being very apparent. Being the Law of Attraction and a few others making themselves known but not known as laws but having a very profound impact in their resonance. Thank you so much for having this site and posting these matters. This is so very much an answered prayer and it appears this is the day my prayer was suppose to be answered. Thank you!

  2. Now I know where my teacher has brought me. The right places of information I need. The right sources. This is one of them. Thank you very much! :)

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  4. Father God, and mother Goddess, bless us all πŸ™πŸ»❤️πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’™

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  6. Can yo provide more clarity on this topic.i.e How do you request and when this law applies

  7. God Bless you Joanne. I first started reading your Columns for guidance through Angel Numbers. As I searched your links to these Kaws has brought great clarity to my path. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world. May the Angels Bless your path with love, light, prosperity, and abundance. Love and light Namaste Susan

  8. Thank you! I asked for more information on the laws and all the laws... and here you are. Beautiful.

  9. lol I prayed for the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Discernment of King Solomon and meditated on the King of Swords (my fav card, speaks to my life and desire personally). I received this Bible verse:

    If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.
    James 1:5 NLT

    and, looking up 1414 on here, I clicked on "Law of Attraction" page ( http://universalspirituallaws.blogspot.com/p/universal-spiritual-laws.html ) and I started reading through these spiritual laws!!!

    It's awesome knowing what Jesus and King Solomon must've learned. Thank you, Joanne!

  10. It's of the truth that indeed God has finished its work in all perfection. One only need to seek for it and the answer will evolve. For many years I have been questing for some spiritual truth and principles but am happy that my spirit guide has led me to this site. Thanks be to God who has laid this to your heart.

  11. Truth is contentment when it comes from your heart and soul. Tears of joy. Peace LOVE and harmony. JAH blessings

  12. Wow, helpful, to let go let God

  13. Wow i feel happy reading this ans am certain this has been the answer to what i have been searching for

  14. my oh my... I heard years ago that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Thought I understood then, but, it's much clearer now. Thank you.